Tiny Tigers, Ages 4-6

ATA Black Belt Academy is a place where young people grow their self-confidence and learn martial arts (improving motor skills, memory, social skills, and more) in a fun, safe, and stress-free environment designed for children. At ATA Black Belt Academy, even the pre-school Karate Kids practice life skills such as courtesy, respect, honesty, and self-control. Most children adopt these life skills quickly and use them inside and outside the martial arts school – at home, school, play, and elsewhere. Teachers often remark on the positive differences they observe! Self-reliance and dependability are traits highly valued in our society – and are fundamental goals for students in our Tiny Tigers program.

Below are several ways in which martial arts can benefit your Tiny Tiger:

Fosters Self-Discipline

Tiny Tiger

In today’s environment, many children are used to instant gratification. Children with a martial arts background, however, are continuously reminded of the importance of self-discipline and hard work.

Boosts Socialization Skills

tiny tigers leadership class

Children may not have the easiest time in social environments. Putting your child in a situation with other individuals who share a common interest can be very beneficial. As well, group training can help build communication and camaraderie skills.

Encourages Physical Activity

Getting your child off the couch and away from the TV can be a difficult task. Enrolling them in a physically demanding activity such as martial arts is a great way to discourage against a sedentary lifestyle.

Encourages Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

It would be unfair to think martial arts is only what appears in the movies. Martial arts discourages physical violence and actually promotes the importance of avoiding a physical altercation.

Learn to Set and Achieve Goals

Martial arts is structured around various colored belts, each color representing a different level of achievement. When a child strives to achieve their goals through martial arts, they are learning valuable life lessons.

Increased Self-Esteem

Children will low self-esteem typically experience confidence building through martial arts. This is achieved by reaching goals and learning new moves in a fun and safe environment.

Instills a Sense of Respect

Today, children can lack a sense of respect for their elders. At ATA Black Belt Academy, your child will be learning lessons in respect while also learning how to defend themselves from potential threats.

Improving Listening Skills

In order to improve and master martial arts, listening skills are an absolute necessity. By taking martial arts classes, your child will be taught how to improve their listening skills.

Develops Teamwork Skills

There are very few things that a child does alone when attending a martial arts class. Many skills are taught through group and partner work. This instills the importance of teamwork onto your child, while also teaching new techniques.

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