About ATA Black Belt Academy in Powell, Ohio

There are countless benefits to martial arts for both children and adults including improved self-confidence and attention span, personal safety, respect, teamwork, social interaction, greater decision-making skills, morals and so much more. We started our ATA Black Belt Academy journey in 1986 laying our roots in Youngstown, Ohio with three locations. In 2002 we made the decision to relocate to the Giant Eagle Plaza in Powell, for nearly the past 20-years we have proudly served our community while making a name for ourselves as the premier Martial Arts School in the Columbus area and the number one choice for Martial Arts Instruction.

Our goal is to inspire confidence, focus, strength, agility, and discipline within all of our students. By lighting the fire of inspiration with these qualities, we hope to help individuals discover and embrace their “inner leader”. We believe every child has great potential and through martial arts and us believing in them, it can grow into something that will carry them throughout their life. Our foundation starts by offering a state-of-the-art training facility, a comprehensive curriculum, and highly skilled and passionate instructors. Come see for yourself what makes ATA Black Belt Academy a cut above the rest.

A Systematic Approach to Developing Essential Life Skills

Home of the original Karate Kids Report Card and parent favorite, our method of teaching and rewarding student’s life skills accomplishments at home, school and the academy keep them engaged and continuously striving to learn and improve. At ATA Black Belt Academy, it’s more than just kicking and punching. Teachers and parents alike notice a difference after just a few classes in our program.

Positive, Fun and Safe Learning Environment
In our program, the effort towards a goal is the focus in each class.  With effort and determination, most goals are achievable. Our classes provide a learning environment where our students appreciate the path to success and take pride in the effort they gave on the path towards accomplishing worthwhile goals.

Age and Rank Specific Class Schedule

Our class schedule is second to none. Just as you wouldn’t expect a senior in high school to be in class with a fifth grader, our classes are scheduled according to both age and skill level to provide the most comprehensive and effective learning environment possible.

World Class Training from Nationally Certified Instructors

Our Instructors are certified and recertified through the nation’s largest centrally organized martial arts organization.

Athletic Advantage

Most of our students participate in other sports throughout the year and many are in our program specifically because they do. The physical and mental skills they learn through their martial arts training will carry over to all other sports. Many parents attribute their child’s success in other sports to the training they receive in our program.


Self-defense begins with confidence. Having the skills to defend oneself will often avoid bullying and harmful situations. Awareness is the first step to self-defense, having the skills and confidence to carry through if needed are projected through a strong and confident attitude.

Introductory Course

4 Week Introductory Course for $35.00 and a FREE uniform. The perfect opportunity for you to experience the value of our program and for your child to see how much fun learning martial arts can be. We want you to be confident in your decision to join our program and see why we are the #1 choice for your child.

Family Membership

Parents of an active student in our Tiny Tiger, Karate Kid or Teen program receive martial arts training for 50% OFF! This is a great way to bond with your child, our hope is that it turns into a passion you’ll carry throughout your lives.